Commission Infos


If you are interested in purchasing a commission from me or if you have questions about pricing and types of commission I offer, please use the contact form to send your inquiries.

Please, take the time to read the following terms before contacting me.


By purchasing a commission from me, you agree to the following Terms of Service.

1. General terms

  • You should provide all relevant materials when submitting your request (infos about what you want and reference pictures).
  • We should first settle on an accurate explanation and interpretation of the expected finished product before starting the commission.
  • All drawings may or will include a subtle sign that you may not remove.
  • Prices are subject to change based on demand.
  • Prices may also vary depending on the complexity of the commission.
  • I have the right to reject any order that I do not feel comfortable drawing for any reason.

2. Payment

  • Once we have agreed on the price, I will send you an invoice via Paypal.
  • The payment currency is in € (euros).
  • Commissioned artworks should be paid 100% upfront before I start working on the request.

3. Process and delivery

    a. Pre-commission

  • I will notify you when I have started on your commission and you, therefore, lose the rights to a refund (see point 7 further below for more info on refunds)

    b. During Commission

  • While I’m working on your commission, I will send you work-in-progress pictures (sketch and color rough) to make sure I make it just right for you!
  • After the sketch and color rough have been approved by you, I will work on the final artwork.
  • There is no deadline for me to finish your commission, but I will give you an estimated delivery time depending on the complexity of the request.

    c. Post-commission / Delivery

  • Once the piece is finished, I will send you a high-resolution png file via email. Note that there is no physical product.
  • A jpeg file will also be sent upon request.

4. Revisions

  • Changing the subject of the commission will not be permitted after completing the payment.
  • You can ask for revisions during the sketch and color rough steps.
  • A fee will be added if you want something changed on the final drawing – unless a misunderstanding from my side has been made.
  • If you wish for me to change something in the drawing you have previously approved, I will charge you a fee to change it. The amount of the extra charge depends on the change you want me to make and is usually based on an hourly wage.

5. Copyright / Usage policy

Under no circumstances may the artist’s signature be removed from any work.
Art may not be modified or edited by anyone but the original artist.

    a. For every commissioned artwork, the artist (Marie Marmion):

  • retains the right to own the copyright of the completed artwork unless the commissioner requests a commercial use of artwork (extra fee will be applied).
  • can promote services and products with the finished artwork anywhere.

    b. For every commissioned artwork, the commissioner is allowed to:

  • Use the commissioned artwork for personal use only, unless agreed otherwise (Example: Upload it on all your social media profiles, forums, etc., with credit).
  • Print the artwork and claim the character(s) as their own,but not the artwork itself.
  • Use the artwork to promote themselves.
  • Use the artwork on their Youtube channel and in monetized videos as long as the artwork itself is not the main subject for the earnings.

    c. For commercial use art commissions, the following policies will be applied:

  • Give credit to the artist for the finished artwork when selling the merchandise or product.

6. Customer satisfaction

  • I will do everything I can to make my customers happy!
  • If you have a problem with anything in regards to the commissioned piece, please tell me right away so we can find a solution together.
  • I am willing to change some of my terms for you if you ask before I start on your commission. If you, e.g., do not want me to post your art anywhere, we can discuss this.

7. Refund / Cancellation policy

  • The buyer is not allowed a refund once I started working on the commission.
  • If for any reason I am unable to start your commission, you will receive a full refund.
  • If you cancel your order before I started it, you can get a full refund.
  • If you are getting a refund, do not request a Paypal chargeback. I will transfer the money back to you myself.
  • If you request a Paypal chargeback at any point when you were not allowed to ask for a refund you will lose all beforementioned rights to the commissioned piece and I will have the full right to profit further from it in any way. I will decline the chargeback and supply Paypal with our conversations in which we talk about the commission as evidence that I have completed work for you. Furthermore, you will be blacklisted for commissioning me again.

If the buyer breaks any of the points stated above they will lose all the beforementioned rights to the artwork commissioned by me, Marie Marmion (the artist), and I will have the right to profit further from the commissioned artwork in any way I see fit. If you have a problem with any of these statements, they may be changed if discussed with me prior to paying your commissioned piece.

Credit to Nadia Axel and Jeijandee for the TOS template